Why Cutting Edge

A ‘partnership’ approach to business by providing regenerative solutions and strategies tailored to each client’s unique landscape needs.


Environmental Stewards

Our goal of restoring the environment back to nature is our fundamental responsibility to ensure the future of our planet. We choose to have a direct impact on the environment through our regenerative practices, & understand the importance of having partners that value these methods.

We are working hard to reduce emissions, lower our environmental impact and protect California’s water supply. Our goal is to keep these numbers climbing.


of our clients have fully transitioned to electric equipment


smart water controllers managed by our team


8 Principles of ReScape

Act Local

Install & maintain landscapes that work cohesively with the native environment & pay mind to: climate, plants, habitats & natural features that require fewer inputs and conserve more resources than conventional landscapes.

Reduce Waste

Avoid generating waste in the first place. Avoid invasive plant species. We recycle, compost, mulch, grass cycle 100% of our plant debris

Nurture Soil

Improving soil health encourages a thriving community–a food web of microorganisms, worms and other beneficials. Living soil ecosystems can filter pollution, store water, provide plant nutrients, & sequester carbon.

Sequester Carbon

An important strategy to slow or reverse atmospheric CO2 pollution and address climate change, we use healthy plants and soil to remove CO2 from the air and store it as soil carbon.

Save Water

Create drought resistant soils with compost & mulch, choose CA natives/drought tolerant plants, use stormwater/greywater/recycled water if possible, install efficient irrigation that uses smart controllers & flow sensors.

Conserve Energy

Reduce the need for mowing with turf renovations, shade buildings and paved areas to reduce the Heat Island Effect. Buy supplies from local businesses & nurseries.

Protect Water & Air

Maximize permeable surfaces, minimize stormwater runoff, use integrated pest management & avoid synthetic pesticides & overuse of fertilizers. Reduce your fossil fuel consumption by switching to electric & plant trees to remove CO2 and absorb pollutants.

Create Habitat

By using native plants and increasing plant diversity, we can provide food, water, & shelter for native pollinators and beneficial insects. This helps to conserve precious wildlife and restore damaged bionetworks.